Welcome to my new blog post

It has been my dreams to have a blog, but the problem kept being why to own one?

Days ago, I was meditating what should really be the goals and reasons to have a blog. Meanwhile, i found the precious stories that have not yet been told in our country “Rwanda” and so have to be shared.

In this very first post, I decided to share with you what’s the story will blog be telling.

Through the photo, I think every one can get the main idea which is “music”. specifically guitar and music philosophy!

Therefore, i would like to tell that I will be using this blog to let you know too much about acoustic guitar, guitarists and thier life as well as updates on my music.

The other part will be made up of guitar and music philosophy. Means we will go deep in “Guitar music” to see what’s the story behind picking strings and what should be the feedback as well!

Thank you for coming, this is the end of today’s story make sure you leave a comment if you like or have support ideas, share with your friends.

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