can we just talk about motivation a little bit?


Remember the gesture you call small and meaningless can move things from point A to B.
Yesterday I posted my first article, but I didn’t expect to receive such huge motivational compliments.

Flawlessly, thoughts came to my mind as people were commenting on post. I felt like I am surrounded with people who need what I’ve just brought. I felt like I have been late.

I learnt that society plays a big role in guitarists life as well as musician. Seeing people interested in what you do makes you think so far, what to do to give them more goodies, makes you think on new ways to do your things, you feel like you want to be different. You get stronger as you keep working on your goals.

“Awesomeness and achievements need any kind of motivation to exist!” 

I thank you who’s reading this now, I thank every one who read and commented on my very first post. You did such a nice work, motivation is all we “guitarits” needs mostly to do what we do. Keep motivating, I promise to get the serious feedback of your motivations very soon.

Due to your motivations I feel like I can start now composing song, get done with the started ones but it’s late night I am tired! I have to sleep.

Take care and keep motivating me.

Your ideas, suggestions or questions are always welcome. Please leave one in a box if you got it.

#Motivation #Guitarist 30′ #COMPLEGUIT
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23 thoughts on “can we just talk about motivation a little bit?

  1. ndabikunze pe and never give up,Imana izagukomeze and all frnds turi kumwe daaaa ,by the way Ngewe Nzaza unyiyigishirize guitar,….usigaye urenzee.

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  2. That is good action
    But I want to play guitar what would u help me.thxs big up and we never leave because someone hate our plan but help us to achieve on our goal.

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    1. Thank you brother as my guidance to learn guitar is to own it first. If you own it automatically things come. And I prefer to learn on internet rather than classes


  3. Hey Salvator, nice webside! The picture is great, The idea making a musicguitarphilosophyside inspires! Keep on going,
    Greets from Germany, Yours Jenny

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