Do you even ever wonder how “Street Kids” live?

Let’s put on street kids’ shoes and taste their steps. 

Usually , I am a student in University of Rwanda. I am majoring Accounting in Gikondo Campus, College of Business and Economics where we shifted from Huye Campus in 2017.

In 2015 I was selected to join university, so i was sent in southern province to Huye Campus. Luckly it was not only about taking accounting modules but learn the life module too!  I had the chance to meet many street kids,  I used to approach, talk to them and get life experience. As I was living on the road side,  that made me close to them and know much about their everyday life. These kids have broken hearts they don’t feel and enjoy humanity. But i tell you, when you approach, talk and care about them in any ways,  they feel so special,  feel valued and become alive in a socieety etc.

This is Claude on our first shared dinner. His father is in prison, her mother and her sister left him, they make country tours begging for food, they don’t have a place to live just begg for food and keep traveling. This kid stayed with his grandma since his mom left, time came and grandma kicked him out too.

We kept having lunches and dinners together to keep his soul happy, feel cared and mentor him even though it didn’t go futher because we had to move to the other side of the road.

To be lucky I met another kid.

I met a new close friend from street, his name is “Lucky Omel” he was born in Burundi never seen his father, her mom is Rwandan. After giving birth to him, as years passed on her mom left him in burundi with his grandma. He started to suffer, be treated bad till he decide to come in Rwanda to look for her mother. yes they met but her mother was already married to another man who didn’t accept to live with Lucky. Mom couldn’t help too. So,  Lucky became homeless then street kid. He worked hard, he go to primary school. He’s getting done with primary this year. He almost never eat unless someone offer him something to eat. We were lucky atleast to offer him what we were able to. Blessings to my housemate again Patrick to collaborate till we got shifted to Kigali Campus.

This is the toilet that is no longer in use,  so at the day he keeps his bed in there to make sure it’s safe, not stolen when he’s at school.

His bed! 

Near his sleeping place. 

Near his bed! 

His room/bed 

I and Lucky

NOTE: This article is not looking for praises!  just go in comment, kindly share with me what lessons did you learn from this #StreetKidsLife or if you feel inspired and ready to contribute to change of their everyday life.

Remember everyone can help no need to wait.  Keep visiting this site,  we will keep share with you related stories. 

17 thoughts on “Do you even ever wonder how “Street Kids” live?

  1. wooow great job bruh Salva.. .. there are so many suffering people around us and it’s up to us to make ’em happy and give ’em hope for tomorrow… God will give u countless blessings… keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Woow that’s great job bro #salva
    Many kids are suffering from streets, they need Hope, care,, from us, i wish it will not be they fate,
    I already remembered that you mentioned #Claude i know too how hard life he live, so sad. Salva i really appreciate your efforts keep it up.


  3. Woow that’s great job bro #salva
    Many kids are suffering from streets, they need Hope, care,, from us, i wish it will not be their fate,
    I already remember that kid you mentioned above #Claude. i know how hard life he lives, so sad. Salva i really appreciate your efforts keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If all over us could place our lives in their seats,we would have mercy for our brothers and sisters who don’t have any hope for tomorrow. #streetkids,#africans,#homelesses,….
    keep yell at the world @salvaguitar may one day humanity come back to us!!!


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