Say no “Civil Death” to Street Children. 

Did you know by saying “hi” would bring someone to life?

A cold shoulder is nothing else to street children but death. Yes death! If you ever tested a dinial in life you know what I mean.

Last week,  I had the chance to meet two kind of Street Children:

The dead one (civil dead) and normal one

From left: Lucky, Me and Theogene. 

Meanwhile, much appreciations to every one who sent them something to put on, hope you can a smile on their face. Kudos
So far, in this article civil death means “when the children find themselves, in essence, in a state of civil death – the legal status of a person who is alive but has been deprived of the rights and privileges of a citizen or a member of society” An annotation by fight slavery now.
Highlights from a tête-à-tête with Theogene who never had the chance to be cared of.

  • Me: How do you feel in a society?
  • Him: In my everyday life, whether in school or out of school, I don’t  feel as human as normal people do.
  • Me: What do you mean normal?
  • Him: [Sigh] you know what I mean.
  • Me: Oh okay,  How big do you think are your rights and privileges as a citizen?
  • Him: [laughing]  No,  I don’t have rights.
  • Me:Wait,  you mean that you have no rights to common properties?
  •  Him: Absolutely.

The convos went on, I recalled him about being accepted as a student that is the point of of hummanity consideration too. I believe He has a bright future.

Tête-à-tête with Lucky who had the chance to live in a society of caring people.

  • Me: Lucky what about you?
  • Lucky: You know,  I came on the street when I was a little kid,  I grew up with Theogene,  we are like brothers.  Time came where I had the chance to meet some students who cared about me, teached me much about life,  how to live in a society, they teached me to believe in myself.  That’s how I started feeling my humanity.

He said much about him,  we ended our convos with the conclusion that he will try his best to change his friend too.

Let’s together say no to this rejection,  let’s approach these kids,  think about it what it was you in such condition and be denied by everyone?

Please,  I need to hear from you.  Which message did you get from this writing?  Are you gonna commit to do something different?

Any Idea please leave a comment below.

#NoCivilDeathToStreetChildren They are not criminals

2 thoughts on “Say no “Civil Death” to Street Children. 

  1. of course no civil death to street children and I hope there is their time .#1person said”change your thinking and it will change your life

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