God and Gig, Play and Pray! 

21st July 2018, 8:00 PM. I grabbed my hardshell case in right hand and a small amplifier in left, took a motorcycle and drove twelve minutes towards the place for a gig. 

Beautifully with genuine smiles of the audience appreciated my music.  1:05 AM After show, I had to pack and go take some rest (confidently like I have saved a time from future, some where in a bank may be!). 

On my way to home! As it’s my habbit to pray sitting on a moto, while praying (eyes opened tho) I found my hand empty. The moto behind us came and hit ours, the Guitar and amplifier flew like birds, people on the other motor fell down the road and bled but luckily they had to leave alive.

As I’m writing this the broken pinky got recovered after massage, My 800$ Acoustic Takamine Guitar is safe, and so speaker. A rationale for writing this, is just letting everyone either believer or not know that the power of prayers are real. 

I’m witnessing that if it wasn’t God’s will, I should’ve may be died or lose the part that plays guitar because at the time we got hit I was just praying God to secure our way and seriously that came very automatically a minute before accident. Still can’t believe I’m alive, may the nane of God be praised. Let’s have fun but let’s pray. 

Deo Salvator

4 thoughts on “God and Gig, Play and Pray! 

  1. praise Lord, and may God strengthen your commitment, after watching an extract of your guitar playing last night for real was surprised by your talent bro, I didn’t knew that you are at that level, but as advice, the talent without passion and hardworking is useless, so as idea please keep workinh hard and it would be better if you seek for management of your wealth(talent), fortunately you are learning accounting, better to look for those who are legends in Rwanda, so brother dont be overconfident for our comments but be confident for the time you are taking thinking about your future.

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